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What's In My Bag
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Ever wonder what kind of car a NASCAR driver has in his driveway?  Or what song Bono is playing on his iPod?  Here's a peak inside of PC's techno world.

First off, I'm not one to always upgrade every time something new comes out.  I believe in using something until it becomes inefficient.  My lawn mower is 15 years old...and guess what... it still works.  But if it takes me twice as long to mow my lawn then a new mower would, I'd be at Home Depot the next weekend.  (Hopefully you get the point)

Device Pros Cons


Apple MacBook Pro

15" screen, 16 GB RAM, 750 GB 7200 RPM HDD. Backlit keyboard, super bright LED lit screen, keyboard action, best trackpad mouse ever used, FAST

Running XP and OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion using Parallels 4.0. It's the best of both worlds!!!!

$1,699 base price. You can get a Dell laptop for $549.  However, you get what you pay for and this is one of the world's best laptops.  Can't get any better.


Samsung Galaxy S4

I'm an iPhone hater and not afraid to admit it.  Compare the top 10 most used functions on your phone and I promise Android will run circles around the iPhone! Um...pretty much none!

Favorite Tech Gadget:

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note Tablet

I had an iPad and loved it. I recently broke the screen so decided to try the Note.  I'll never go back!!! Again...pretty much none!

Preferred Router:

Netgear N300


If your house is wired and you need more than one wireless router, the N300 allows you to put additional routers into Wireless Access Point mode. Very affordable and easy to program There are more expensive routers which might have better range, but I would prefer to have a router and WAP vs one powerful router.

Best Wireless Router and Access Point:

Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express for boosters 

If you need more than one router to light up your house and your house isn't wired for networking, Apple has the only solution for allowing more than one router to great a single, seamless wireless network Expensive!  $200 for the Extreme, $99 for each Express.



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